Homemade Products


In the big farmers kitchen Catherine creates very delicious things, where nativeness and quality of the products is very important for her. Various products made on the farm or by associate partner farms of the region can be bought in the little shop which is integrated into the farmhouse. At breakfast in the old farmers parlour you can already have a try of the homemade products.

Selbstgemachte Produkte

A small choice of our range:

  • farmhouse bread made out of natural leaven
  • Bacon and sausages
  • Cheese, butter, milk,  yogurt, curd
  • Syrup (elder, balm, red-or back currant, rhubarb)
  • Precious liquors
  • Jams (strawberry, blueberry, plum or a mixture of currant-apple-pumpkin)
  • Herbal soaps and flavoured herbal bags
  • Hayflower cushions
  • Herbal unguents and tinctures

The big garden with ist high beds is the pride of Catherine. In summer and autumn lots of different fruits and vegetable are harvested, processed and stocked for the winter.



The effects of healing herbs is a very important issue for Catherine. Old knowledge about the herbs themselves and their processing into unguents and tinctures are preserved here. Throughout the whole summer herbs are harvested and dried. Catherine´s herbal chest is a real treasure for animals and humans.

One of the herbal beds is provided for usage of our house guests only!

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